Nitro Cold Brew Keg Styles Available

We have an extensive list of options available ranging from flagships that are around all year and seasonals. We have a taproom in Charlottesville with up to 13 styles of cold brew available. Most of our options are single origin nitro cold brew coffee brewed in collaboration with local roasters but we also have a few blends. None of our kegged coffee currently has additives like sugar or milk.


The NomNom – single origin – dark roasted with roasty notes of caramel and vanilla

GimmeDat – single origin – light to medium roast w/ notes of Graham cracker, peanut butter and chocolate

Big Blue Thing – single origin- light roasted w/ notes of blueberry and chocolate

Afternoon D’light – unique lower caffeine option

Peppermint Ninja Brain – coffee blended with peppermint ginseng tea

Decaf Charlie – decaf cold brew option w/ fruity, floral notes

Espresso – unique highly, highly caffeinated espresso blend used in our shop to create traditional latte based drinks

Seasonal Options:

We typically have several seasonal single origin nitro cold brew options available. These are often short runs in collaboration with local roasters. They range from ultra light to dark roasted with a wide range of flavor profiles. If these are of interest, we can provide these options on an as needed basis.