Halfzies – Coffee Beans

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  • Half Caff Blend (Blended w/ Certified Fair Trade Beans)
  • Medium Roast
  • Notes of Dark Chocolate, Stone Fruit & Cedar
  • Recommended for: Hot Coffee & Cold Brew

    Yes, you can get robust taste and flavor from a reduced caffeine blend! I just love this blend. Thank you!

    Allen S
    Time To Meet

    Halfzies divides her time between transcendental meditation and running marathons. Sometimes her enormous bursts of energy let her run straight up a watermelon mountain, but then she decides to just chillax at the top for days. She often ponders the existential question of what “being a Creature” truly means, but is usually split right down the middle on an answer. Her quest for enlightenment has left her with a vast collection of oracle cards and extreme sports gear.

    •  Likes: Berets, Napping, TED Talks
    •  Dislikes: Matthew McConaughey, Ordering at restaurants
    •  Favorite workout track: “Opposites Attract” by Paula Abdul
    •  Fuel Flavor: Dark Chocolate, Stone Fruit, Cedar
    •  Earth Portal: The glass half-full
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    Our bagged coffee features the same beans that provide the rocket-fuel in our kegs and cans.