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  • Half Caff Blend (Blended w/ Certified Fair Trade Organic Beans)
  • Medium Roast
  • Notes of Dark Chocolate, Stone Fruit & Cedar
  • Recommended for: Hot Coffee & Cold Brew

    Yes, you can get robust taste and flavor from a reduced caffeine blend! I just love this blend. Thank you!

    Allen S
    Time To Meet

    Halfzies divides her time between studying Chinese medicine and lying on her psychotherapist’s couch. Plagued with the existential question of what “Creature identity” truly means, her struggle for self-realization has left her with a vast collection of crystals, philosophy books, meditation CDs, and psychosomatic sneezing. Sometimes she feels super up! But then also, like trying is futile.

    •  Likes: Berets, Napping, TED Talks
    •  Dislikes: Matthew McConaughey, Ordering at restaurants
    •  Favorite Book: “The Divided Self” by R.D. Laing
    •  Fuel Flavor: Dark Chocolate, Stone Fruit, Cedar
    •  Earth Portal: Jung’s apartment

    Our bagged coffee features the same beans that provide the rocket-fuel in our kegs and cans.