The Nom Nom - Coffee Beans

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  • Single Origin: Colombia
  • Dark Roast
  • Notes of Burnt Sugar, Vanilla & Bourbon
  • Recommended for: Hot Coffee & Cold Brew

    I just tried the Nom Nom and it is very tasty! I will definitely be buying more soon!

    Katie M.
    Let's Get To Know
    Nom Nom

    Captain The Nom Nom is a retired seafarer who was the first to circumnavigate the waterways of Radness in a snap pea canoe. He’s got the rough edges of a Creature who’s spent more time on water than land, with a dark, brooding side and a habit of jabbering at birds. He does have a sweet side, however, revealed through his scrapbooking hobby and his orchid collection.

    •  Likes: Chomping things, charming mermaids, drinking anything from a barrel
    •  Dislikes: Polygons, llama decor
    •  Dream Vacation: The South Pacific
    •  Fuel Flavor: Burnt Sugar, Vanilla, Bourbon
    •  Earth Portal: Colombia
    snowinginspace | Coffee | Logo
    snowinginspace | Coffee | Logo
    snowinginspace | Coffee | Logo

    Our bagged coffee features the same beans that provide the rocket-fuel in our kegs and cans.

    Customer Reviews

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    J.D. Hughes

    Pretty spiffin’ good beans. Perfect blend of bold, smooth and rad

    Josh Keeton
    My new favorite roast!

    Love the notes of graham cracker and chocolate!

    A bit acidic/burnt

    I’m a big fan of Snowing in Space, love their cold brew and have for a couple years. I got their whole bean Nom Nom at a local grocery store recently and when I brewed it hot I was surprised by how acidic and burnt it tasted. Not sure if it’s just not great hot but I was pretty disappointed, especially when the price is pretty steep.

    Amanda Klosky

    Delicious!! Love the packaging too! :-)

    Colin Ryan
    Damian I miss you!

    Damian I miss you!