The Nom Nom – Coffee Beans

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  • Single Origin: Colombia (Certified Fair Trade)
  • Dark Roast
  • Notes of Burnt Sugar, Vanilla & Bourbon
  • Recommended for: Hot Coffee & Cold Brew

    I just tried the Nom Nom and it is very tasty! I will definitely be buying more soon!

    Katie M.
    Let's Get To Know
    Nom Nom

    Captain The Nom Nom is a retired seafarer who was the first to circumnavigate the waterways of Radness in a snap pea canoe. He’s got the rough edges of a Creature who’s spent more time on water than land, with a dark, brooding side and a habit of jabbering at birds. He does have a sweet side, however, revealed through his scrapbooking hobby and his orchid collection.

    •  Likes: Chomping things, charming mermaids, drinking anything from a barrel
    •  Dislikes: Polygons, llama decor
    •  Dream Vacation: The South Pacific
    •  Fuel Flavor: Burnt Sugar, Vanilla, Bourbon
    •  Earth Portal: Colombia
    snowinginspace | Coffee | Logo
    snowinginspace | Coffee | Logo
    snowinginspace | Coffee | Logo

    Our bagged coffee features the same beans that provide the rocket-fuel in our kegs and cans.

    Customer Reviews

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    Josh Keeton
    My new favorite roast!

    Love the notes of graham cracker and chocolate!

    A bit acidic/burnt

    I’m a big fan of Snowing in Space, love their cold brew and have for a couple years. I got their whole bean Nom Nom at a local grocery store recently and when I brewed it hot I was surprised by how acidic and burnt it tasted. Not sure if it’s just not great hot but I was pretty disappointed, especially when the price is pretty steep.

    Amanda Klosky

    Delicious!! Love the packaging too! :-)

    Colin Ryan
    Damian I miss you!

    Damian I miss you!

    Chris Magee
    Online purchase

    Got the Nom Nom beans and the Ted beans through the online site. Received the coffee so very fast, product and packaging is great, and the coffee tastes great. Fantastic service, communication, couple with a great product.