Ted – Coffee Beans

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  • Single Origin: Mexico (Certified Fair Trade)
  • Medium Roast
  • Notes of Chocolate, Cherry & Grapefruit
  • Recommended for: Hot Coffee & Cold Brew

    Most Triumphant! Amazing flavor, low acidity and so many great hints.

    Jarrod H.
    Let's Get To Know

    Ted is Bill’s best friend, and can usually be found hoverboarding behind him on Bill’s morning constitutional around Radness. He is an expert color theorist. He works one day every December —the day he selects Pantone’s Color of the Year—and spends the rest of his time playing marshmallow bongos and talking about how cool marsupials are. Also, he has hand hair.

    •  Likes: Sour Gummy Worms, Bajas, Hoodies, Jungles
    •  Dislikes: Journaling, Worrying, Shorts without drawstrings
    •  Ideal First Date: Eating tacos on the beach, and then eating tacos in a house
    •  Fuel Flavor: Chocolate, Cherry, Grapefruit
    •  Earth Portal: Mexico
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    snowinginspace | Coffee | Logo
    snowinginspace | Coffee | Logo

    Our bagged coffee features the same beans that provide the rocket-fuel in our kegs and cans.