CHARLOTTESVILLE, January 11, 2019—Charlottesville-based nitro cold brew coffee company, Snowing in Space Coffee, will be reducing weekly service days at its West Main Street Coffee Shop and relocating its weekday administrative headquarters from its McIntire Plaza based brewery to the West Main Street location.

Starting Monday, January 13th, the The Snowing in Space Coffee Bar, located at 705 West Main Street, will be closed to the public Monday through Thursday while Friday through Sunday service hours will remain unchanged.

This necessary expansion and repurposing of space was brought on by considerable growth and sales expansion for Snowing in Space over the past year, with entry into 400 new grocery locations including Whole Foods, Giant, Martin’s and The Fresh Market.

The changes are designed to alleviate congestion at the production brewery ahead of a planned expansion in 2020 that will quintuple their production capacity.

“We’re bursting at the seams at our production brewery and until we can get everything under one roof, in a bigger space, we’re making the best of our resources. Our growth the last two years quickly squeezed our 4,000 sf production brewery and will necessitate expanding into about 10,000 sf this Spring,” said Paul Dierkes, cofounder & CEO of Snowing in Space. “In just over two years we’ve grown from one person, our cofounder Damian Warshall, working full-time brewing and delivering cold brew around town, to over 15 team members and over 1,000 points of distribution serviced.”

Despite the changes, the Snowing in Space team doesn’t want to lose out entirely on the connections they’ve built on West Main.

“We want to maintain the connection we’ve made with the community at the shop, so we’re going to continue operating as usual Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, with some fun surprises here and there,” said Ashley Mauter, manager of the Snowing in Space Coffee Bar. “We’re also going to make the space available for ‘off-hour’ private events and tastings which we’ve always kept off the table in the past.”

Moving forward, if you need your nitro cold brew coffee fix during the week, you can find their vibrant cans and creamy draft products at dozens of fine retailers & offices around Charlottesville, or choose to level up your office with nitro cold brew coffee on tap.

For more information about Snowing in Space or ordering kegs for your office, visit

Snowing in Space is a Charlottesville-based nitro cold brew coffee company whose three founders hail from a craft beer background and seek to bring that same passion and artistry to coffee. All of the unique, locally roasted brews are hand-crafted at their self-built production facility in Charlottesville. In addition to major grocers like Whole Foods, Giant, Martins and The Fresh Market, you can find Snowing in Space cans and kegs of nitro cold brew coffee styles at offices, independent grocers, coffee shops, restaurants, convenience stores, gyms and more throughout DC, Maryland and Virginia. Snowing in Space also provides full service, no hassle nitro cold brew coffee to offices. To learn more visit,, spend your weekends at the Coffee Bar at 705 West Main St, Charlottesville, VA.