Get Nitro Cold Brew Coffee on Tap in Your House

How It Works!

Step 1: We Setup a Kegerator in Your House
(We supply, set up, and maintain the equipment for FREE)

Step 2: You Love It & We Bring More!
(Weekly deliveries, cancel anytime)

Step 3: Everyone Loves Your House! 
(Members, potential New Members and Other Sororities rave about the house that has that cool, delicious, local nitro cold brew coffee on tap all the time!)

Why Get Snowing in Space Nitro Cold Brew Coffee on Tap in Your House?

  • Promote Member Bonding
    Promote Member Bonding

    Coffee has always been the ultimate social beverage. Give your members another reason to get together at your house to hang out, talk or study.

  • Save $$$$$
    Save $$$$$

    Don't spend $4-$6 at Starbucks when you can have better, local coffee on tap and at your fingertips anytime you want it. Get all the delicious iced coffee you can drink for the price of a handful of grande soy lattes.

  • Recruitment

    Show potential new members that your house has the best perks! Nitro cold brew coffee on tap in your house is a unique feature that's bound to make you stand out.

  • Really Tasty and Healthy
    Really Tasty and Healthy

    Nitro cold brew coffee is naturally smooth, creamy and flavorful with no additives so you don't need to hide the taste with fatty milks and syrups. All of our styles of less than 10 calories per serving.

  • Clean Energy
    Clean Energy

    Power up for a night in studying or a night out with friends. More caffeine in a 12oz serving than a 20oz Red Bull without all of the junk.

  • Great, Easy Service
    Great, Easy Service

    We provide the equipment, we maintain it and we deliver coffee when you need it. Cancel anytime.

  • Style Variety
    Style Variety

    We've created dozens of different styles in collaboration with amazing roasters from all around the region. This means there is something for everyone in your house, and with three taps running at all times your members will always have something different to choose from.

Delivering Our Nitro Coffee Brews To Sororities In:


Washington DC, Virginia & Maryland



University of Virginia, University of Richmond, VCU, JMU, Virginia Tech, William & Mary, Old Dominion University, Liberty, George Mason, Radford, American, Georgetown, George Washington, Washington & Lee, University of Maryland, Johns Hopkins, Loyola, Towson and more.

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